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California juvenile court and teen sexual assault accusations

Sexual assault cases that are commonly reported in the news tend to involve adults accused of committing certain crimes. Unfortunately, California teens may also face such accusations. Depending on the age of the teen and the assault alleged, some teens may face charges in criminal court. However, juvenile court may also take on these cases.

Those in California who are accused of committing a crime, but are not old enough to have charges filed against them in criminal court, will have their case heard in the juvenile court system. For 14 teens in Southern California, a trip to juvenile court may be in the near future. According to reports, these teenagers are suspected of committing acts of sexual assault against classmates. The investigation is ongoing.

So far, only eight of those suspected of committing these alleged acts have been arrested. Police are still looking for the others. Little information has been reported about the supposed crimes committed; however, police have said that they have physical evidence to support their case. Law enforcement authorities have also stated that most of the alleged incidents occurred fairly recently, although they are also investigating accusations dating back to 2013.

Accusations of sexual assault, whether the accused is an adult or a minor, are not going to be ignored. These teens, if sent to juvenile court, will have the right to defend themselves. If the court finds the accusations valid, these young adults could face placement at a juvenile detention center and court ordered rehabilitation -- among other consequences. Even though juvenile court focuses on rehabilitation rather than punishment, this whole situation can be frightening. Legal help is available to guide these teens and their parents through the court process, and to fight for the best possible outcome -- one that keeps the future interests of each of these teens at the forefront.

Source:, "Los Angeles police: 14 teens suspected of school sex assault", March 14, 2015

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