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March 2015 Archives

Should any juvenile crime still carry a life sentence?

Consider the following statistic: Today, more than 1,500 people in the United States are serving life sentences for crimes they committed when they were younger than 18. This statistic is startling in itself, but some people in California might want to know more. Namely, does the punishment fit the crime? 

Criminal defense for felony charges, difficult but not hopeless

California residents who have been charged with felony offenses will likely have long and difficult legal roads ahead of them. Felony charges are handed down for serious offenses, and the penalties associated with convictions for such offenses are life-changing for the convicted and his or her family members. Thankfully, those accused of felony level crimes are entitled to a criminal defense and may have several legal options from which they can choose.

DUI possible cause of fatal car accident, police investigating

A tragic accident in Northern California has broken a family in more ways than one. A single-vehicle crash resulted in the death of a child and injuries to the child's parents. Police suspect DUI as one contributing factor in this terrible tragedy.

California juvenile court and teen sexual assault accusations

Sexual assault cases that are commonly reported in the news tend to involve adults accused of committing certain crimes. Unfortunately, California teens may also face such accusations. Depending on the age of the teen and the assault alleged, some teens may face charges in criminal court. However, juvenile court may also take on these cases.

What are the penalties for weapons concealment?

California has very strict laws regarding carrying concealed weapons -- particularly when it comes to firearms. Those who wish to carry a concealed weapon have to go through a lot of red tape in order to get the proper permits. Anyone who is found carrying a concealed weapon could face serious penalties for possibly breaking concealment laws.

Vandalism, drug and other charges pending against California man

A California man was recently transported to a local hospital for injuries he suffered in an incident for which he is accused of committing multiple criminal offenses. This young man, once released from the medical facility, is supposedly facing charges that include vandalism, burglary and drug use. The allegations in this case are quite serious in nature, and a criminal conviction on the pending charges would have a dramatic impact on the life of the accused.

California man facing multiple charges, including burglary

A young man in Southern California has been arrested for his alleged involvement in the theft of items from a local church. He is facing vandalism and burglary charges for the incident. If prosecutors are able to obtain a conviction in this matter, this individual will face a number of potential penalties that could significantly impact his future.

Former police officer convicted of theft maintains innocence

Law enforcement officials in California often conduct raids and arrest individuals who are in possession of cash and other valuable property. Occasionally, these officers are accused of the theft of property seized in raids and during arrests. Some of those accusations turn out to be true, but one officer who was accused and convicted of stealing property and cash from criminal suspects maintains his innocence.

Man pleads guilty to federal crimes related to nude photos

Some in California may be familiar with the term "revenge porn." The phrase is used to place a name on the distasteful practice of posting nude photos of a former partner online, often out of malice or spite. A number of websites have arisen where users can post and access these photos, and the issue has gained the attention of lawmakers across the nation. In one of the most high-profile cases to reach the courts, the operator of one such site will plead guilty to two federal crimes.

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