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Charged with a prescription drug crime? Help is available

Millions of Americans, including many living here in California, require the use of prescription medications. Pain medications, in particular, are widely used for a number of ailments. These drugs, while certainly serving a valuable purpose for those who really need them, have also gained a bad rap as being highly addictive and for being obtained and/or distributed without a proper prescription. Those charged with a prescription drug crime may face some serious penalties under applicable state laws and, as such, would likely benefit from a strategic criminal defense offered on their behalf.

There are some medications that, once people start taking them, can be difficult to stop using. Pain killers primarily fall in this category. Because of the possibility of addiction to pain medications, prescriptions are generally given in relatively small amounts to encourage users to seek follow-up care with physicians. Unfortunately, the overwhelming feeling of needing these drugs have caused some people to look elsewhere in order to obtain them. A surge in the illegal possession of these highly regulated drugs have pushed law enforcement officials to question anyone who is found to have them.

Anyone who fails to show what police deem as adequate proof of a valid prescription may be subject to criminal charges. Common charges associated with prescription drug crimes include forging a doctor's signature, taking drugs from a person who have a prescription and utilizing a counterfeit prescription pad. To learn more about possible charges associated with prescription drug crimes and how an attorney can help your case, please visit our San Diego Prescription Drug Crimes Attorney webpage.

California residents who have been charged with a prescription drug crime may have a difficult and lengthy legal battle ahead of them. While the situation may seem bleak, a number of legal options may be available to resolve the situation. An experienced criminal law attorney can help by answering any questions you may have and by formulating the best possible defense for your individual circumstances.

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