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California doctor accused of sex crimes involving children

Physicians spend years in school and many more in specialized training programs in order to work in their chosen areas of medicine. They are permitted into the personal lives of their patients and, as such, are placed in vulnerable positions. One accusation of improper behavior can forever damage a physician's reputation and career. For one doctor in California, life as he knows it has been changed due to accusations of sex crimes involving children.

A pediatrician who worked for a pediatric medical facility in Northern California was recently arrested following accusations that he placed a hidden camera in a bathroom, and that he was in possession of child pornography. The 35-year-old male, who had worked at the clinic since 2013, was placed on administrative leave after he was taken into custody. He was able to post bail and was released shortly after his arrest.

According to police, a woman complained about finding the camera hidden in the bathroom. This complaint resulted in the physician's home being searched and, ultimately, his arrest. Local law enforcement officers have not released any details concerning the evidence they claim to have found to warrant this arrest. On top of the criminal investigation into this matter, the state's medical board will also be conducting its own investigation to determine whether this physician will be allowed to keep his license.

Accusations of sex crimes, particularly those involving children, are of great concern in California. They are not taken lightly, and those accused of such activities will be put through the ringer -- both personally and professionally -- as an investigation is conducted. Those who are charged with sex crimes face a number of potential consequences, including prison time, fines, loss of livelihood and a tarnished reputation. A strategic criminal defense may be able to help resolve situations like this one in a way that protects the rights of the accused.

Source:, "Golden Valley Health Centers doctor accused of placing camera in patient restroom", Ana B. Ibarra, Feb. 3, 2015

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