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February 2015 Archives

Charged with a prescription drug crime? Help is available

Millions of Americans, including many living here in California, require the use of prescription medications. Pain medications, in particular, are widely used for a number of ailments. These drugs, while certainly serving a valuable purpose for those who really need them, have also gained a bad rap as being highly addictive and for being obtained and/or distributed without a proper prescription. Those charged with a prescription drug crime may face some serious penalties under applicable state laws and, as such, would likely benefit from a strategic criminal defense offered on their behalf.

California man arrested on suspicion of DUI

A young man in Northern California was recently arrested in connection with a fatal accident that occurred in mid-February. Police do believe impairment played a role in this incident. As such, this individual is now facing multiple charges which may end up including a felony DUI.

Why might a child be sent to juvenile court?

Everyone makes mistakes. It is simply a part of growing and learning. It is not uncommon for children to do things that are wrong and for punishment to be considered for such behavior. For some mistakes, the punishment may go beyond anything that can be done at home and children may need to be seen in juvenile court. For parents and children in California, the idea of court can be scary, but the juvenile system is meant to help rather than punish.

Drug crime cases, weapons charges and accusations of theft

Several people were recently arrested just before Valentine's Day in San Diego. A parole and probation compliance operation conducted in East County led to the arrests. Drug crime cases, weapons charges and accusations of theft are all in question in this latest bust.

3 adults and 1 minor arrested, each facing a weapons charge

Several individuals in Central California were recently arrested and are facing a number of charges. Few details were provided about the circumstances surrounding the arrests, but each individual is facing a weapons charge regarding the incident. The potential penalties associated with such charges include jail and/or prison time and fines -- all of which can have detrimental effects on their futures.

California woman facing charges for insurance fraud

Part of vehicle ownership is obtaining proper auto insurance. It is fair to say that the majority of California residents who own and operate a car make payments on an insurance policy in order to protect themselves in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, if a time comes when there is a legitimate need to use the protections offered in that policy, any issue with the claim could result in an insurance fraud investigation.

California man arrested for DUI following serious crash

Car accidents are a common occurrence on California roads. While the reasons for these accidents may vary, one thing is common in all of them -- fault must be determined. This is particularly true for accidents that result in injuries or fatalities. Recently, a man was arrested for DUI following an accident that injured four individuals.

California doctor accused of sex crimes involving children

Physicians spend years in school and many more in specialized training programs in order to work in their chosen areas of medicine. They are permitted into the personal lives of their patients and, as such, are placed in vulnerable positions. One accusation of improper behavior can forever damage a physician's reputation and career. For one doctor in California, life as he knows it has been changed due to accusations of sex crimes involving children.

The appeals process is an important part of a criminal defense

A criminal conviction can be tough to swallow and can certainly dash a person's hopes and dreams for the future. Those in California who have been convicted of a crime may feel that there is little they can do and that they must accept whatever punishment is thrown their way. Fortunately, a criminal defense doesn't end at conviction. The appeals process, though sometimes complicated, can continue the fight for a person's freedom.

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