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What are the possible penalties for a drug distribution charge?

Illegal drugs are a serious concern in California. Those accused of the distribution of such drugs could face serious penalties -- should a conviction be attained by prosecuting attorneys. In this week's post, we are going to cover the required elements of a drug distribution charge and the possible consequences associated with this type of crime.

A distribution charge can be filed against anyone with drugs in their possession, regardless of the amount allegedly found. It is up to prosecutors to show that the accused had intent to sell or transport, rather than utilize the drugs for personal use. This can be tough to do without proper evidence such as packaging materials, scales or other drug-related paraphernalia.

Should all the above elements be found and a conviction ultimately secured, a number of potential penalties are possible. Depending on the circumstances surrounding an arrest, the drugs found in the possession of the accused and a prior criminal record, a conviction for drug distribution could result in a lengthy prison term and significant fines. However, changes made to California laws by the passing of Proposition 47 may help minimize these consequences.

California residents who are facing drug distribution charges can fight the accusations against them. While drug charges can be difficult to challenge in court, it is not an impossible task and is well worth the effort. Several defensive strategies may be utilized to dispute the charges and seek dismissal or assist in negotiations with prosecuting attorneys to reach a plea agreement, if desired. Regardless of the path chosen, an end-result that serves the best interest of the accused may be achieved.

Source: FindLaw, "California Drug Distribution Laws", Jan. 3, 2015

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