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Those convicted of sex crimes to face increased scrutiny

When a person is convicted of a crime, it can seem difficult to move forward in life. California residents who have been convicted of sex crimes, in particular, may feel they can never escape their past -- thanks to a new legal condition which will require sex offenders to submit to random lie detector testing. While the overall intent of this practice may have begun with what seem like good reasons, these tests are not always accurate and could spawn unnecessary investigations and arrests.

According to a recent news report, California has begun performing random lie detector testing of paroled sex offenders. The goal in mind is to prevent future sex crimes from occurring. While it is true that some convicted offenders have committed further crimes while on parole, there are many more who have not.

California currently has over 6,000 sex offenders out on parole. Many of these individuals are already required to wear GPS tracking devices and attend treatment programs as a condition of release. Lie detector testing is a requirement that was implemented just this past month, and is being met with both praise and concern. While the results of a lie detector test may not be enough to make an immediate arrest, law enforcement officers can open investigations based on these results.

California residents who have been convicted of sex crimes will likely face increased scrutiny for the rest of their lives. Being forced to submit to random lie detector testing, on top of all other conditions of release, is proof of that. Those who fail these tests and face new charges have the right to defend themselves and expect fair proceedings, regardless of their criminal past.

Source: NBC San Diego, "California Making Sex Offenders Take Lie-Detector Tests", Jan. 9, 2015

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