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Man wanted on brandishing a weapon and robbery charges

Police in California are on the lookout for a robbery suspect. This individual is wanted on several charges, which may include brandishing a weapon. When the person believed responsible for the incident in question is found, he will face serious penalties under state laws -- if prosecutors are able to secure a conviction.

According to a recent news report, an unidentified man robbed a convenience store recently in the La Mesa area. This individual allegedly held the store clerk at knife point and demanded cash. After taking the money, the person reportedly fled the scene before officers arrived.

Police are asking anyone with knowledge of this incident to please come forward. When found, the person accused of this crime will likely face a number of charges for his alleged role in the event. The potential consequences for these charges may include jail time and significant fines.

Brandishing a weapon and robbery can result in either misdemeanor or felony charges in California, depending on the severity of the alleged incident. When police find the person they believe is responsible for this crime, the potential penalties he will face can certainly have a dramatic impact on his life. As such, this individual will have the right to employ a criminal defense on his behalf. Even though this type of situation may only seem to have the possibility of a bleak outcome, a number of defensive strategies are available to help the person accused of this incident fight the charges before him and achieve an outcome that best serves his specific circumstances.

Source:, "Man Suspected of Robbing La Mesa 7-Eleven Still on Loose", Ryan Posner, Jan. 16, 2015

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