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January 2015 Archives

California woman charged with sex crimes involving a minor

A California woman is facing a tough legal situation following accusations that she had a sexual relationship with a minor. The sex crimes for which she is accused could lead to a number of serious consequences -- if a conviction is ultimately secured. While this woman denies any wrongdoing, a strategic criminal defense may be of benefit in her case. 

Domestic violence a contributing factor in rise of violent crimes

Violent crimes are an issue statewide. In one particular area of California, these types of crimes were reportedly higher in 2014 than in years previous. A number of factors reportedly contributed to this increase -- domestic violence rates being one of them.

Man wanted on brandishing a weapon and robbery charges

Police in California are on the lookout for a robbery suspect. This individual is wanted on several charges, which may include brandishing a weapon. When the person believed responsible for the incident in question is found, he will face serious penalties under state laws -- if prosecutors are able to secure a conviction.

Why might a forgery charge be filed and what are the penalties?

There may be a lot of misconceptions about certain activities and the criminal consequences associated with those activities. Forgery, for example, is kind of a gray area for some people. What truly constitutes a forgery charge? In order to understand this potentially illegal activity, we are going to cover the key element required for a forgery charge and the potential penalties allowed under California laws.

Those convicted of sex crimes to face increased scrutiny

When a person is convicted of a crime, it can seem difficult to move forward in life. California residents who have been convicted of sex crimes, in particular, may feel they can never escape their past -- thanks to a new legal condition which will require sex offenders to submit to random lie detector testing. While the overall intent of this practice may have begun with what seem like good reasons, these tests are not always accurate and could spawn unnecessary investigations and arrests.

What are the possible penalties for a drug distribution charge?

Illegal drugs are a serious concern in California. Those accused of the distribution of such drugs could face serious penalties -- should a conviction be attained by prosecuting attorneys. In this week's post, we are going to cover the required elements of a drug distribution charge and the possible consequences associated with this type of crime.

California man facing felon in possession charge

California residents with a criminal record face a number of challenges. Once convicted of a crime, it can seem hard to move beyond the conviction and build a new life. This seems particularly true for those associated with gangs. Recently, a young man with felony convictions on his record was arrested and is facing a felon in possession of a weapon charge.

Convicted DUI offenders may soon see ignition interlock devices

Are ignition interlock devices coming to California? If a local lawmaker gets his way, they could be. Currently, four counties across the state are running pilot programs for this type of device, but at this time, state laws do not require its use. As some believe current DUI laws are too light, it is believed that adding this device to the mix could help strengthen the laws and work to deter drunk driving in general.

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