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California teen charged with armed robbery

A California teen is being held at a juvenile detention center following an alleged robbery attempt. This individual is facing charges of attempted armed robbery following an incident at a gas station. It is unknown if prosecutors will move to try this child in criminal court.

According to local police, a 17-year-old boy was arrested following reports of an attempted robbery at a gas station in the southern part of the state. According to officers, the accused supposedly confronted the gas station clerk with an airsoft pistol. However, the station attendant reportedly took control of the weapon, and the teen fled the scene.

The accused was arrested in a nearby neighborhood shortly after this incident occurred. As this is a juvenile case, few details have been released regarding this individual. It is unknown if any court proceedings have been scheduled in this matter.

As this child is on the threshold of being considered an adult, it is unknown if his case will remain in the California juvenile court system, or if it will be moved to criminal court. As juvenile court focuses on treatment and rehabilitation rather than punishment, it would be in the best interests of the accused for it to remain in a juvenile setting. If this young man is convicted on these charges in juvenile court, he could remain in custody at a detention center, face probation and be ordered to pay fines. Potential penalties of a conviction of armed robbery in criminal court, on the other hand, could include jail or prison time and higher fines -- among others. A criminal defense attorney with experience in both juvenile and adult cases may be able to offer valuable assistance to a case like this, while working to protect the future interests of this young man.

Source:, "Gas Station Clerk Wrestles Armed Robber", Paige Austin, Dec. 13, 2014

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