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California firearms laws and weapons charge possibilities

California firearms laws can be down right confusing. With so many regulations it is understandable for residents to have questions regarding gun laws. Questions about gun ownership, sale of guns, concealed carry, weapons registration and many others may come up. As the State of California has strict laws governing the ownership and use of deadly weapons, it is important for those affected to learn about these laws -- as the failure to abide by these regulations may result in a weapons charge.

Before considering the purchase of a gun, it is important to find out if any past criminal history may prohibit gun ownership. Those with certain criminal pasts who are found with a firearm in their possession can face serious consequences, including jail/prison time and fines. Those without any prior criminal offenses should be able to purchase a firearm without too much trouble; however, certain procedures must be followed for this to be completed legally.

For those who are able to legally obtain a firearm, certain guidelines for storage, carry and resale of the weapon are in place. Those who store a loaded weapon in a home with minor children may face misdemeanor or felony charges, and those who carry a concealed weapon or try to sell guns without proper licensing could also face criminal charges. More information about these issues and answers to a variety of other firearm related questions can be found through the State of California Department of Justice.

Facing a weapons charge in California is no small thing. As the penalties can be pretty severe, those who are accused of violating California firearms laws could help themselves by seeking legal counsel as quickly as possible. While fighting these types of charges can be challenging, a number of defensive strategies are available to help achieve a positive outcome.

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