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December 2014 Archives

Vandalism charges filed against California man

A young man in California was recently arrested and charged with damaging parts of an Islamic Cultural Center and medical office. The alleged acts of vandalism have garnered a felony charge which, if a conviction is obtained, could result in jail time and hefty fines. This individual may benefit from one of many available defense strategies employed on his behalf.

Those accused of hate crimes have rights to a criminal defense

According to a recent report released by the FBI, the San Diego area has seen an increase in hate crimes over the past two years. Those accused of these crimes could face some serious penalties should a conviction be obtained in court. As the consequences can have a dramatic impact on the lives of those accused, these individuals maintain the right to employ a criminal defense on their behalf.

2 California men arrested and facing robbery and other charges

As department stores are crazy this time of year, store owners, managers or other employees are constantly on the lookout for shoplifters. While shoplifting can carry harsh penalties in California, those accused of brandishing a weapon and stealing goods may face life-altering consequences if a conviction is handed down in criminal court. Robbery cases are no laughing matter, and those accused need to know they do not have to face such accusations alone.

California teen charged with armed robbery

A California teen is being held at a juvenile detention center following an alleged robbery attempt. This individual is facing charges of attempted armed robbery following an incident at a gas station. It is unknown if prosecutors will move to try this child in criminal court.

California woman arrested on suspicion of DUI

A serious car accident in California left one person dead, three people injured and the person believed responsible arrested. The driver deemed liable for this crash was arrested on suspicion of DUI. Because a person died and others were injured, the charges filed in this case are felony charges which could result in serious penalties under state laws -- if prosecutors are able to secure a conviction.

Is passing bad checks a crime in California?

Financial struggles can strike just about anyone, at any time. In times of economic hardship, it is not uncommon for funds in bank accounts to be low and when this happens, it is possible for checks to bounce. It is understandable that bouncing checks can effect a person's credit rating but are passing bad checks considered a crime in California?

California firearms laws and weapons charge possibilities

California firearms laws can be down right confusing. With so many regulations it is understandable for residents to have questions regarding gun laws. Questions about gun ownership, sale of guns, concealed carry, weapons registration and many others may come up. As the State of California has strict laws governing the ownership and use of deadly weapons, it is important for those affected to learn about these laws -- as the failure to abide by these regulations may result in a weapons charge.

Experience can make a difference in juvenile crimes cases

When it comes to activities California youth engage in, some people would say kids will be kids. In other words, no big deal -- move on. Unfortunately, some youth may be accused of engaging in activities that cannot be ignored by local law enforcement officers. Those accused of juvenile crimes may face serious penalties and could benefit from strong representation working on their behalf.

Can a bullying case end up in a California juvenile court?

It was recently reported that local police are investigating alleged acts of violence supposedly committed against a high school student. Bullying is, unfortunately, a common problem in schools nationwide, including here in California. While many bullying cases are handled by school administrators, cases that are deemed extreme may result in criminal charges and could land the accused perpetrator in juvenile court.

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