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Nearly a dozen arrested for suspicion of DUI in San Diego

The holidays are here and with them come DUI checkpoints popping up across the state, including here in San Diego. DUI checkpoints are a common site on or near holidays for good reason. Law enforcement officials have a duty to keep the streets safe for everyone. While the purpose behind these checkpoints is certainly done with good intentions, arrests may be made that are really not warranted.

On the weekend prior to Thanksgiving, 11 drivers were arrested for suspicion of DUI at a sobriety checkpoint in San Diego. During this four hour event, a total of 1,941 vehicles passed through the checkpoint, and almost 700 drivers were screened by local police officers. Along with all the screenings and arrests taking place, 12 vehicles were impounded.

Other than the charges of suspicion of DUI, it is unknown if any other charges were filed against any of those individuals arrested during this screening process. It is unknown which type of field sobriety tests were conducted by officers or if any chemical testing was done on the spot. It is also unknown if court dates have been scheduled in any of these cases.

Residents of San Diego do have the right to enjoy safe roads, and local law enforcement are doing all they can to ensure that is a reality. However, those accused of DUI are also granted certain rights under the law, including the right to defend themselves against criminal charges and the right to question any relevant evidence offered against them. Those arrested at this checkpoint would be well within their rights to question not only the arresting officer's intent, but also the sobriety assessment procedures that led to their arrest. Gaining access to this information could assist in achieving a positive resolution to the criminal charges at hand.

Source:, "11 Arrested Overnight at DUI Checkpoint Downtown", Chris Jennewein, Nov. 23, 2014

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