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Dozens of Californians arrested and charged with insurance fraud

Fraud can come in many forms, all of which may carry stiff penalties under California laws if those accused of committing such acts are ultimately convicted. Insurance fraud is a fairly large issue in the state, and as such, law enforcement officials have been looking for ways to bring this practice to an end. A statewide auto insurance fraud campaign recently came to a close and dozens of people have been arrested as a result. The charges against each of these individuals are undoubtedly serious, but regardless of the accusations, each is guaranteed the right to his or her day in court and the right to defend themselves.

Operation Crash and Buy took months to complete, but those behind the campaign would consider the time and effort expended a success. In the San Diego area alone, 35 people were arrested and charged with 84 counts of auto insurance-related crimes. It is believed these individuals purposely involved themselves in accidents, filed false police reports and lied to law enforcement officers regarding the details of accidents, with the sole purpose of collecting insurance money.

At this time, it is unclear what information police used in order to justify making these arrests. It is also unknown what specific charges have been filed against each of those arrested. Court dates for each of these individuals have not been reported.

Insurance fraud affects a lot of people, and the cost of this type of crime is not something insurance carriers will bear alone. Generally, the cost to recoup losses is handed down to consumers in the form of higher premiums. As so many people are affected by this type of crime, it is understandable that law enforcement officials in California would like to see those who are supposedly taking part in fraudulent behavior brought to justice. Those accused of insurance fraud will likely face a difficult legal battle but not a hopeless one. A strategic criminal defense that is prepared by taking the time to question any evidence offered against the accused may bring to light beneficial information that could help in achieving the best possible resolution.

Source: NBC San Diego, "Crime Sweep Puts Brakes on Auto Insurance Fraud", Nov. 12, 2014

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