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November 2014 Archives

Nearly a dozen arrested for suspicion of DUI in San Diego

The holidays are here and with them come DUI checkpoints popping up across the state, including here in San Diego. DUI checkpoints are a common site on or near holidays for good reason. Law enforcement officials have a duty to keep the streets safe for everyone. While the purpose behind these checkpoints is certainly done with good intentions, arrests may be made that are really not warranted.

Shoplifting is a widespread problem in California and nationwide

Juveniles accused of shoplifting could face relatively serious penalties under California laws. While shoplifting is a huge problem nationwide, many of those accused of this crime may face charges based on insufficient proof or a simple misunderstanding. Those in this situation certainly maintain the right to defend themselves.

Unlicensed contractors entitled to a criminal defense

Home improvement and repair is big business in California. Not all homeowners have the skill or the desire to do this kind of work themselves, so they often put their trust in a professional contractor. There are many great contractors -- both licensed and unlicensed -- but depending on the level of work hired for, a license may be required. Contractors who are found to be operating without a license for a job that requires one could face criminal charges. Nevertheless, those who have been arrested are entitled to a criminal defense.

Dozens of Californians arrested and charged with insurance fraud

Fraud can come in many forms, all of which may carry stiff penalties under California laws if those accused of committing such acts are ultimately convicted. Insurance fraud is a fairly large issue in the state, and as such, law enforcement officials have been looking for ways to bring this practice to an end. A statewide auto insurance fraud campaign recently came to a close and dozens of people have been arrested as a result. The charges against each of these individuals are undoubtedly serious, but regardless of the accusations, each is guaranteed the right to his or her day in court and the right to defend themselves.

Welfare fraud is taken seriously in California

As many California residents are struggling financially, the need for the welfare system is apparent. Numerous people qualify for aid through the state to help them get back on their feet. With so many looking for this assistance, the state will be on the lookout for anyone trying to abuse the system. Welfare fraud is a serious matter, and the consequences for this type of activity can be severe.

Passing of Proposition 47 to help drug crime and other cases

In a previous post, we discussed Proposition 47 and how it could help those accused of certain criminal activities. Proposition 47 has passed and those facing some drug crime and other criminal charges may now face misdemeanor instead of felony charges. According to recent reports, 59 percent of California voters agreed that reclassifying some crimes to lower-level offenses would be good for the state.

Parents of minors charged in graffiti cases liable for damages

Graffiti can be found in numerous areas around California. While the artists responsible often view this activity as a form of personal expression, property owners may feel otherwise. Graffiti is considered vandalism and can cost property owners a pretty penny to have it removed.

Several people facing federal drug crime charges in California

Near the end of October, several people were charged in connection with a drug trafficking operation that is believed to span several states, including here in California. All of these individuals are currently facing federal drug crime charges for their alleged involvement. As this is a federal case, the penalties associated with a conviction of these charges can be quite severe.

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