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Facing burglary or robbery accusations? Criminal defense can help

California residents accused of any crime do have legal rights that must be protected. The level of the crime charged doesn't matter and should not affect the accused's ability to defend himself/herself or their right to seek legal counsel willing to work with their best interest in mind. Those accused of serious crimes in particular, including burglary and robbery, may find that a strategic criminal defense will prove especially helpful throughout criminal proceedings.

Crimes that are more serious in nature can carry severe consequences under California laws. The potential consequences for crimes like burglary and robbery include monetary fines and prison time. The severity of the crime can also effect the level of punishment that is ultimately handed down if a conviction is secured.

Between burglary and robbery charges, robbery charges are typically more severe. A robbery charge is filed if force was used during the theft. In these cases, weapons are often used, which elevates the alleged crime to a violent crime. To learn more about the differences between burglary and robbery charges and the potential consequences associated with these crimes, please visit our Burglary and Robbery page.

Those in California who stand accused of burglary, robbery or any other formal charges do not have to face their criminal proceedings alone. With the help and guidance of an experienced criminal law attorney, those accused can make informed decisions regarding the best course of legal action to pursue. These options may include fighting the charges or seeking to negotiate a plea deal, and sometimes, both approaches are pursued simultaneously. Either way, the insight  and efforts provided by legal counsel can certainly help the accused obtain the best outcome possible for their current situation.

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