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Domestic violence is subject to serious penalties in California

For good reason, California has strict domestic violence laws. These laws are intended to protect the victims -- men, women and children -- of these violent attacks. Those accused of committing an act of domestic violence may face some serious penalties under state laws if a conviction is ultimately secured.

Domestic violence can be defined as the accusation of a criminal act committed within a relationship that is physical, emotional, economic or even psychological in nature. The overall the intent of these alleged acts is to gain power or control of another individual. Relationships affected by domestic violence include those between spouses, cohabitants, parents and children, or even a significant other. If charges are brought against someone accused of committing violent behavior within their relationship, the severity of the act and the amount of harm done to a victim -- along with any other contributing factors -- are considered when determining the severity of the charge to be filed.

A conviction of battery, which may accompany a domestic violence charge, can result in a number of potential consequences. The severity of the charge will determine the punishments that may be applicable to each case should a conviction be obtained. Possible penalties include fines, jail and/or prison time, probation and court ordered counseling services.

California residents who are facing criminal charges of domestic violence may feel they have few legal options at their disposal. This is far from the truth. Every side has two stories, and those accused have the right to make sure their side is heard. With the help of a strategic criminal defense, those accused can fight the charges against them, make sure their voice is heard and seek to obtain the best possible outcome for the situation at hand. While fighting these charges is not easy, it doesn't mean it is an impossible task.

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