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Burglary among several charges filed against California nurse

Being a nurse is a difficult yet rewarding career choice. For one California man, being a nurse was something he seemed to excel at, earning him good performance reviews and even a nomination for a service award; but, when medication started missing from the hospital where he worked the time he spent at the hospital was questioned. This individual is now facing multiple charges in connection with the missing drugs including burglary, theft and embezzlement.

Over the course of several weeks, approximately 400 vials of Fentanyl -- a powerful prescription grade pain medication -- supposedly disappeared from Fresno's Saint Agnes Hospital. The person believed responsible for the missing medication is a registered nurse for the facility. According to hospital records, he was on paternity leave at the time of the supposed crime. However, hospital staff claim to have seen this individual multiple times in the facility during his scheduled paternity leave. During those times vials of Fentanyl were allegedly taken.

Law enforcement officers performed a search of the accused's home and claim to have found one full vial of the medication and several empty containers. It is unknown if the accused or any family members living with him have a valid prescription for the drug. At this time, a federal warrant has been issued for the arrest of this individual and felony charges are pending.

Burglary, theft, embezzlement and prescription drug fraud are all considered serious crimes in California which may warrant state and/or federal charges. Those accused of such crimes may benefit from a strategic criminal defense on their behalf. For this nurse, utilizing an attorney with experience in federal crimes will likely prove to be a valuable resource for his upcoming criminal proceedings. The support and guidance offered will allow the accused to make the best legal decisions possible for his current circumstances.

Source:, "Fresno Nurse Accused of Burglarizing Hospital For Pain Meds", Corin Hoggard, Oct. 14, 2014

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