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2 California men facing negligent discharge of weapon charges

Two men, in their mid to late 20s were recently arrested after residents of a neighborhood in Atascadero called police to report what sounded like gun shots in the area. Both are facing several charges including negligent discharge of weapon. While police reported that no one was injured during this alleged incident, weapons crimes of all sorts are taken seriously in California and could have serious repercussions for those accused.

Officers from the Atascadero Police Department were called to a residential neighborhood on a local road, with reports of possible shots fired in the area. According to officers, gunshots could be heard upon their arrival. Other law enforcement agencies including the California Highway Patrol, members of the County Sheriff's Office and a SWAT team were called to assist.

In total, four individuals were found in the residence where the shots were believed to have come from. A search warrant was issued, and a rifle and spent shell casings were reportedly recovered on the property. Two of the individuals in the house were arrested and booked into county jail following the search of the home.

Negligent discharge of weapon and discharging a firearm within city limits, regardless of intent, are serious offenses in California. The individuals accused of these crimes could face a number of potential consequences, including jail time and fines, if prosecutors are able to secure a conviction. Both of these young men retain the right defend themselves in criminal court. With the help of a criminal defense team, different defensive strategies may be employed in each of their cases in an effort to achieve the best outcome possible for circumstances.

Source:, "Two arrested and charged with firing shots in Atascadero", Scott Brennan, Oct. 9, 2014

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