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October 2014 Archives

Domestic violence is subject to serious penalties in California

For good reason, California has strict domestic violence laws. These laws are intended to protect the victims -- men, women and children -- of these violent attacks. Those accused of committing an act of domestic violence may face some serious penalties under state laws if a conviction is ultimately secured.

Sex crimes against a minor not taken lightly in California

Crimes against children are not taken lightly in any state, including here in California. When reports of these types of crimes are received, local law enforcement do all they can to get to the bottom of the accusations. Recently, a man was arrested for sex crimes supposedly committed against not just one, but three children.

Facing burglary or robbery accusations? Criminal defense can help

California residents accused of any crime do have legal rights that must be protected. The level of the crime charged doesn't matter and should not affect the accused's ability to defend himself/herself or their right to seek legal counsel willing to work with their best interest in mind. Those accused of serious crimes in particular, including burglary and robbery, may find that a strategic criminal defense will prove especially helpful throughout criminal proceedings.

Burglary among several charges filed against California nurse

Being a nurse is a difficult yet rewarding career choice. For one California man, being a nurse was something he seemed to excel at, earning him good performance reviews and even a nomination for a service award; but, when medication started missing from the hospital where he worked the time he spent at the hospital was questioned. This individual is now facing multiple charges in connection with the missing drugs including burglary, theft and embezzlement.

2 California men facing negligent discharge of weapon charges

Two men, in their mid to late 20s were recently arrested after residents of a neighborhood in Atascadero called police to report what sounded like gun shots in the area. Both are facing several charges including negligent discharge of weapon. While police reported that no one was injured during this alleged incident, weapons crimes of all sorts are taken seriously in California and could have serious repercussions for those accused.

Will my child's case be held in juvenile court or criminal court?

In a previous post, we walked through the typical juvenile court proceeding. As stated before, the goal of juvenile court is to rehabilitate versus simply punish. However, when juveniles reach a certain age and depending on the nature of the crime for which they stand accused, according to California laws they may be tried as a adult.

California Highway Patrol arrest 3 on suspicion of DUI

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is considered a public safety issue. As such, California law enforcement officers are constantly on the lookout for drivers exhibiting behaviors of intoxication. Those arrested for suspicion of DUI are likely to face some serious consequences under state laws, if a conviction is ultimately secured.

What is identity theft and what are the consequences?

Theft, in all of its forms, is a crime according to the California Penal Code. In this post, we are going to specifically discuss what identity theft is, how it is harmful and what consequences individuals who are accused of committing this type of crime may face if they are convicted. As with most crimes, the severity of the crime will determine the level of charges filed and what penalties would be applied upon a finding of guilt.

California high school coach facing insurance fraud charges

The price of insurance fraud affects all consumers, as the cost is recovered by increasing premiums. With so many people, both in California and across the country, affected by this kind of activity, stiff penalties are in place for those convicted of committing such acts. With so much on the line, those accused of insurance fraud would likely benefit from a strategic criminal defense on their behalf.

Assault with a deadly weapon is a serious crime in California

In a previous post, we provided some details about how weapons charges are handled in California courts. These charges and subsequent penalties can certainly vary in their severity, based on the underlying facts. For instance, those charged with assault with a deadly weapon may face felony charges, which have can have some serious consequences under state laws if prosecutors are able to secure a conviction.

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