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Experience matters when facing a weapons charge in California

For most individuals, owning a weapon is not a crime; however, certain actions taken with that weapon can be. California residents who are faced with a weapons charge may have a long and difficult legal battle in front of them. As such, taking time to seek out an experienced criminal defense attorney with a proven track record in defending weapons charges will undoubtedly be time well spent.

A variety of weapons crimes exist including possession, brandishing a weapon, illegal sale of guns, concealment and armed robbery. These are just a few possible crimes associated with weapons use, the list is rather extensive. Depending on the supposed weapons crime, charges may be filed in either state or federal courts and the associated punishments can vary.

These charges are serious and deserve proper attention to ensure the rights of the accused are being fully protected. Some of these cases can be dismissed rather quickly, while others may be sent to trial. In either case, a criminal defense team may be able to help. To see how an attorney can help you fight a weapons charge, please visit our San Diego Weapons Charge Lawyer page.

Certain challenges accompany a weapons charge. An attorney who understands these challenges can help the accused determine the best course of legal action to pursue for the specific circumstances surrounding their case. California residents faced with this situation deserve help from someone who will keep their best interest in mind while working to minimize any potential consequences associated with the charges at hand.

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