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Everth Cabrera, Padres' shortstop, arrested for alleged DUI

Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is a serious offense in California. Those accused of DUI may face significant penalties under state laws that may have a negative affect on both their personal and professional lives. Recently, a player for the Padres was arrested for just such a charge and is facing both legal and professional consequences for the incident.

Padres' shortstop, Everth Cabrera, was arrested the beginning of September after being detained by federal agents at a border patrol checkpoint. The California Highway Patrol was called to investigate and subsequently arrested him for allegedly driving under the influence of cannabis. No information was provided as to how officers came to the conclusion that Mr. Cabrera impaired or how they determined the substance he supposedly used. He was soon after released in the custody of his mother-in-law.

Mr. Cabrera was given a DUI citation for this incident. It is unknown if any further charges will be pursued or if any court dates have been scheduled regarding his case. On top of any legal penalties he may face, Major League Baseball is also investigating the incident which may have a negative effect his playing career.

The penalties for a conviction on a DUI charge often include fines, jail time, court ordered community service and/or rehabilitation. These, on top of possible professional consequences, can have a significant impact on this individual's life. A variety of defense legal strategies may be available to help in this situation, which may help minimize any negative consequences and allow Mr. Cabrera the ability to remain with his family and get back his job.

Source:, "Padres' Everth Cabrera arrested: Accused of DUI", , Sept. 5, 2014

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