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September 2014 Archives

California gang cases affect juveniles and adults

It is a well-known fact that gangs are prevalent in certain areas of California. These groups do provide a sense of family for those in-need of one, but unfortunately, many are associated with violent behaviors and gang wars. Criminal gang cases affect both juveniles and adults, but how these cases are handled typically depends on the age of the offender and the severity of the crime charged.

If passed, Proposition 47 could help criminal defense cases

California has some pretty strict laws regarding felony level crimes, regardless of the severity of the crime. Individuals accused of felony crimes could face jail and/or prison time, fines and a host of other legal and personal battles. A strategic criminal defense can help minimize these punishments, but, as it stands, state laws generally require that specific penalties be handed down. A new proposition ready for the vote this year may change all this.

Experience matters when facing a weapons charge in California

For most individuals, owning a weapon is not a crime; however, certain actions taken with that weapon can be. California residents who are faced with a weapons charge may have a long and difficult legal battle in front of them. As such, taking time to seek out an experienced criminal defense attorney with a proven track record in defending weapons charges will undoubtedly be time well spent.

Do all drug crime cases result in criminal proceedings?

When people think about drug crimes they expect that, if caught, criminal proceedings will undoubtedly follow. Fortunately, this is not always the case. For individuals accused in non-violent drug crime cases, their cases may be sent to a California Drug Court instead.

Computer crimes and their associated penalties

In an age where just about everything is computer based, crimes involving computers are ever-increasing. Because this is a growing issue, California laws have been put in place to protect computers, regardless if they are individually or commercially owned and operated. Penalties associated with computer crimes typically vary based on the crime alleged but, in any case, can be severe.

Everth Cabrera, Padres' shortstop, arrested for alleged DUI

Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is a serious offense in California. Those accused of DUI may face significant penalties under state laws that may have a negative affect on both their personal and professional lives. Recently, a player for the Padres was arrested for just such a charge and is facing both legal and professional consequences for the incident.

Typical procedures in California juvenile court

When a child is arrested or turned over to a juvenile court, there can be a lot of fear and apprehension regarding the process. A million questions may race through their minds and the minds of their parents as they prepare for what lies ahead. While each case is an individual matter, there are basic procedures conducted for all California juvenile court proceedings.

What are the different degrees of theft in California?

Crimes involving theft are a big concern in California. Those accused of this type of crime may face some serious penalties if a conviction is secured. The type of theft alleged and/or severity of the crime are determining factors as to what level of charges are filed and, in turn, the type of punishment that can be handed down.

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