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Prescription drug crimes are a growing concern in California

Prescription drugs are widely used for a variety of purposes. While there is no crime for using prescribed medication, it is illegal to obtain these drugs without a valid prescription or distribute them without proper licensing. Although this practice is prohibited, millions of Americans -- including some Californians -- search for ways to gain access to these powerful medications. Because of this, prescription drug crimes are a growing concern.

Pain killers are some of the most commonly sought after prescription drug types. As these medications can be extremely addictive, those taking these substances may feel a need to increase their dosage in order to feel the effects. As prescriptions only allow a certain number of pills at any given time, this physical need for more may lead these individuals to look at other avenues for obtaining the medication their body requires.

According to both state and federal laws, individuals who obtain, use or distribute prescription drugs without a valid prescription or license to sell may be subject to criminal charges. Even if an individual is licensed to distribute these substances -- such as a doctor or pharmacist -- drug trafficking charges could be possible if any illegal activity is suspected. More information regarding the types of situations that could result in prescription drug charges can be viewed on our Prescription Drugs webpage.

Prescription drug crimes are a serious matter. Criminal charges of this kind can lead to the payment of fines, jail and/or prison time and, for medical professionals, the loss of the professional licensing -- if a conviction is secured. A California criminal defense attorney who has extensive experience with these types of cases can provide information regarding different defense strategies and legal options available to fight these charges while keeping your best interests in mind.

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