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California woman arrested on auto theft charges

A California woman was recently arrested and is facing several charges following a recent high-speed chase on the freeway in San Diego. The charges filed against her include auto theft and drunk driving. As the consequences for a conviction regarding such charges can be quite severe, utilizing a criminal defense on her behalf may prove valuable for the situation at hand.

A 22-year-old woman supposedly stole a San Diego Police patrol car that had the keys left inside it and drove over 40 miles on the freeway before officers were able to take her into custody. According to police, the accused reached speeds of up to 90 mph during their pursuit. The chase eventually came to an end at a rest stop, where the vehicle the woman allegedly was operating reportedly hit another patrol car.

Officers booked the accused into jail shortly after her arrest. It is unknown if she is still being held or if she has been released on bail. It is also unknown if any court dates regarding this case have been scheduled.

A combination of auto theft and drunk driving charges will likely carry stiff penalties under California laws -- if a conviction is actually secured. Along with the fines and loss of driving privileges that typically accompany a DUI conviction, there is also a possibility of receiving an extended jail and/or a prison sentence. With so much at stake, the accused would likely benefit from a strategic criminal defense on her behalf, who will typically review and question all aspects of the case. Having full access to all the legal rights and protections available can certainly help this individual make informed decisions regarding her situation, which may prove useful throughout her criminal proceedings.

Source:, "Woman steals San Diego police car, chase ensues", , Aug. 16, 2014

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