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California teen facing minor in possession charge

The desire to reduce drug-related activity among California's youth is certainly a noble and worthwhile cause. However, making accusations, such as naming a minor in possession of an illegal substance, can cause significant harm to that individual's current and future prospects. As convictions for juvenile crimes can carry significant long-term consequences, defending oneself of any charges levied is of vital importance.

A 17-year-old male was recently pulled over by police in Ventura County, after investigators from the Interagency Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit allegedly witnessed a drug deal between him and an adult. The teen was stopped by officers a short time after the supposed incident and was ultimately arrested. Charges against him include driving under the influence and possession of an illegal substance.

It is unknown if the teenager is being held by police or if he has been released. At this time, a court date for his case is still pending. According to investigators, this is just one of 10 arrests involving teenagers or young adults on drug-related charges to have taken place recently in the area.

Criminal cases against minors in California can present several challenges. However, no matter the charge, it is possible to pursue legal strategies that will help protect both short- and long-term interests. In this particular case that involves a minor in possession charge, taking time to thoroughly examine any evidence offered against this youth and reviewing investigator reports may provide valuable information that could prove beneficial for the accused in court. While drug-related crimes can be difficult to fight, a variety of legal defense methods may be utilized to seek the best possible outcome for this situation.

Source:, "Suspects Arrested for Selling Cocaine", , Aug. 5, 2014

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