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August 2014 Archives

Prescription drug crimes are a growing concern in California

Prescription drugs are widely used for a variety of purposes. While there is no crime for using prescribed medication, it is illegal to obtain these drugs without a valid prescription or distribute them without proper licensing. Although this practice is prohibited, millions of Americans -- including some Californians -- search for ways to gain access to these powerful medications. Because of this, prescription drug crimes are a growing concern.

California man facing several charges including drug cultivation

A multi-agency task force, which included both law enforcement officers and an environmentalist, claim to have recently discovered two large marijuana growing sites in California. Both of these sites were reportedly found with the use of aerial views of the Honeydew area and do not appear to be related. Search warrants were issued to allow officers to inspect both properties. The search of one of the properties resulted in the arrest of one individual, who now faces several charges, which include drug cultivation.

2 people in California arrested on weapons charge, among others

Criminal charges of all varieties are taken seriously and may result in significant penalties -- if a conviction is ultimately secured. Recently, two individuals who had just been released on bond for other criminal charges in California, were arrested after police officers claim the accused led them on a high-speed chase. Charges against these individuals include a weapons charge, drug possession, felony evading and concealing evidence -- among several others.

California woman arrested on auto theft charges

A California woman was recently arrested and is facing several charges following a recent high-speed chase on the freeway in San Diego. The charges filed against her include auto theft and drunk driving. As the consequences for a conviction regarding such charges can be quite severe, utilizing a criminal defense on her behalf may prove valuable for the situation at hand.

California woman facing DUI charges after fatal accident

According to the California Highway Patrol, a 7-year-old boy was recently killed in a crash that occurred on the Pacific Coast Highway in Ventura County. This was a single-vehicle crash that is believed to be the result of an impaired driver. The driver, who is also the mother of the deceased child, has been arrested and faces a DUI charge for the incident.

California teen facing minor in possession charge

The desire to reduce drug-related activity among California's youth is certainly a noble and worthwhile cause. However, making accusations, such as naming a minor in possession of an illegal substance, can cause significant harm to that individual's current and future prospects. As convictions for juvenile crimes can carry significant long-term consequences, defending oneself of any charges levied is of vital importance.

Just like marijuana, hash oil can lead to criminal charges

Most people know that manufacturing recreational marijuana in California is illegal and can lead to criminal charges. But did you know that the same is true for hash oil, a secretion of concentrated THC derived from marijuana? Not only could manufacturing this drug lead to criminal charges but it could also lead to civil litigation as well.

Law change for misdemeanor crimes big news for immigrants

For generations, people have immigrated to the United States with the hope of starting a better life. But while immigration is often seen as a good thing, it does not come without its difficulties. As some of our San Diego readers may know, immigrants must be scrupulous when it comes to obeying the law because even the smallest of infractions can sometimes lead to deportation.

What are the penalties for brandishing a weapon in California?

We’re all familiar with the fact that we could face criminal charges if we are in possession of a weapon illegally. While most people may not be able to cite the specific penalties that could apply, they understand that punishments may be harsh and that they will likely need a skilled attorney to help with their defense.

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