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Alleged admission of drinking leads to arrest of married couple

One woman’s attempt at a good deed turned problematic for her and her husband when she accidently admitted to police that they had been drinking together most of the day. Now, because of this alleged admission, they both face DUI charges that could have serious implications if they are convicted.

Some of our San Diego readers may have already heard about their arrest, which took place in Sonoma County recently. Reports indicate that the 65-year-old woman had gone out looking for her 68-year-old husband because he had crashed his truck. What happened next though may have sealed their fate in the eyes of the police.

According to the California Highway Patrol, as officers approached the wrecked vehicle, so too did the woman who allegedly told police that she knew her husband was intoxicated because “she had been drinking with him all day.” She was then given a field sobriety test, which she is said to have failed.

Although both were arrested for drunk driving and could face serious penalties if they are convicted, the penalties for the woman could be worse. That’s because, according to reports, she has a prior DUI conviction. If she was intoxicated when she approached police in her own vehicle, then she may have violated the terms of her probation, which also carries legal ramifications.

It’s important to remember however that even though these two California residents have been arrested for drunk driving, this does not necessarily mean that they are guilty of the crime. They do have the right to justice and may defend themselves if they so wish. Though reports do not say if this is the case or not, they may even seek help from a lawyer in order to defend themselves more effectively.

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle, “Husband and wife arrested for DUI on same night,” Kurtis Alexander, July 22, 2014

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