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July 2014 Archives

The importance of correct compensation for wrongful convictions

Some people consider wrongful convictions to be just as harmful as committing a crime because someone is experiencing an injustice at the hands of someone else. That's why in a majority of states, including here in California, an accused person has the right to seek compensation for a wrongful conviction.

Alleged admission of drinking leads to arrest of married couple

One woman’s attempt at a good deed turned problematic for her and her husband when she accidently admitted to police that they had been drinking together most of the day. Now, because of this alleged admission, they both face DUI charges that could have serious implications if they are convicted.

Audrie's Law seen by some as step backward for juvenile law

In September 2013, three boys from Saratoga High School admitted to "digitally penetrating" a fellow classmate by taking pictures of her nude body during a party then distributing those images to other people. It's because of this admission that the boys were convicted in Santa Clara County Juvenile Court and eventually served their sentences.

Vandalism claims against Bieber settled in California court room

If you’re a follower of celebrity news then you know that there were a few months where tabloids and news outlets could talk about nothing but the legal woes of pop singer Justin Bieber. As some of our more frequent readers may remember from a May post about the pop star, he faced a criminal charge in Canada and several others across the United States, including here in California.

Program in Richmond helping to deter gun violence

There are some people in the state who believe that incarceration is the only way to deter someone from committing a crime because it presents a person with a harsh situation they likely do not want to encounter again. Others disagree and believe that rehabilitation is the answer because it gives a person a chance to make up for their mistakes in a less severe environment.

2014 measure leaves reduced prison sentences in voters' hands

There have been a number of changes to state and federal drug laws in the last few years. While some have increased penalties for certain crimes, others, such as those for crack cocaine convictions, have been lessened by state and federal authorities. The reason has a lot to do with the changing views on prison sentences for nonviolent crimes.

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