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NBA player Ronnie Brewer will need good defense in DUI case

If you’ve never been arrested or accused of criminal activity then you may not know what to do when it does happen. Much of your knowledge about the criminal justice system is probably based on what you have seen in the movies or on television. This means that you might think it’s relatively easy to plead not guilty to charges. But such a plea needs to come with a solid defense because otherwise you could suffer severe consequences instead.

Take for example the case of Chicago Bulls forward Ronnie Brewer who recently pleaded not guilty to two drunk-driving charges here in California. Reports indicate that Brewer was driving through Beverly Hills when he was stopped by an officer during a routine traffic stop. During the stop, Brewer was arrested for allegedly having a blood-alcohol content of .15. As many of our San Diego readers know, that’s nearly twice the legal limit.

Following his arrest, he was charged with one count of driving with a blood-alcohol content of .08 or higher and one count of driving under the influence. These are serious charges here in California that can lead to serious consequences. In order to support his not-guilty plea and avoid these consequences, Brewer will likely need to prove that his intoxication level was not as high as prosecutors claim or that a procedural error may have violated his rights. Without all of the facts in the case though, it’s difficult to speculate how challenging this may or may not be for Brewer at his July 15 hearing.

Though a conviction would be incredibly damaging to Brewer’s reputation and even to his career, having his personal life on display for everyone to see can be just as damaging. Even if he can prove his innocence in court, he may still face negative backlash from the public. Some may even accuse the courts of letting him off easy because he is a professional athlete. Unfortunately, unlike criminal charges, the consequences of these accusations are not as easily fended off with a good defense.

Source: Reuters, “Chicago Bulls player Ronnie Brewer pleads not guilty to DUI charges,” Dan Whitcomb, June 11, 2014

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