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Man arrested on drug charges after cops view incriminating videos

Be careful what you post online. It’s probably a warning you have heard many times before from friends, family and even people of authority. That’s because, once you post something on the Internet, the information is out there for anyone to read or watch, including law enforcement agencies. And if that information looks criminal in nature, it could be grounds for a search warrant, which could lead to serious legal consequences in the end.

Our California readers can see this exemplified by a recent case out of Georgia where a 29-year-old man is facing serious drug charges after police executed a search warrant on a property and discovered 33 marijuana plants. On top of an indecent exposure charge from an earlier arrest, the man is also charged with marijuana possession, manufacturing and using an illegal drug. The charges are quite serious and could lead to harsh penalties if convicted.

Police say they obtained the search warrant after viewing several videos the man had posted to his personal YouTube channel. The videos were viewed because an officer, during the arrest this month that led to the indecent exposure charges, claims that the man told him to “check out his YouTube channel.” When the officer did, he says he saw videos of the man smoking a bong and another video showing marijuana plants in an attic.

Though it’s not clear why the man would have told the officer to view what appears to have been incriminating evidence, what is clear is that the charges against him are very serious in nature and will require a good defense if they lead to litigation later on.

Source: WXIA-TV News, “Man posts marijuana grow house on YouTube,” Kevin Rowson, June 16, 2014

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