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Man accused of breaking into Bullock's home faces felony charges

As many of our San Diego readers know, entering someone else’s house without their permission can land you in a lot of trouble. And if police believe that it was your intent to steal something then you could face serious criminal charges that you will need to defend yourself against so as not to face the harsh consequences that accompany these charges.

Such is the case for a 39-year-old man who is currently facing several felony charges including stalking, possession of a firearm and first-degree residential burglary because of an incident at actress Sandra Bullock’s home this month. Police arrested the man for allegedly scaling a fence and entering the actress’ home without her permission. Because reports do not indicate if the man took anything from the property, it’s difficult to say if the charges were filed against him because of police assumption or if there was actual evidence of property having been stolen.

As some of our readers can imagine, the felony charges against the man are incredibly serious and carry with them the chance for up to seven years and four months in prison if he is convicted. It’s important to point out however that the man does have the right to argue against these charges at a future trial. One charge he may particularly want expunged is the weapons charge against him. According to reports, he was not armed when police arrested him yet he has been charged with possession of a machinegun. Aside from refuting this charge, he may challenge the burglary and stalking charges as well.

For now though our readers will have to wait and see what kind of litigation is in store for this California man.

Source: Courthouse News Service, “Man Charged in Burglary at Sandra Bullock's Home,” Matt Reynolds, June 10, 2014

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