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June 2014 Archives

Man arrested on drug charges after cops view incriminating videos

Be careful what you post online. It’s probably a warning you have heard many times before from friends, family and even people of authority. That’s because, once you post something on the Internet, the information is out there for anyone to read or watch, including law enforcement agencies. And if that information looks criminal in nature, it could be grounds for a search warrant, which could lead to serious legal consequences in the end.

Mistake made by technology leads to near arrest of innocent woman

Technology companies across the nation are constantly trying to create innovations that they feel will help society considerably. One of these technologies is now being used by law enforcement here in California. But according to some, this technology is walking a fine line between helping police do their job more effectively and violating people’s constitutional rights as well.

Circuit court overturns conviction on grounds of rights violation

Whether it’s because of this blog or other means, most people know that their Fourth Amendment right protects them from unreasonable search and seizure. This means that if something is not covered by a warrant then law enforcement cannot take it from you so as to prove past crimes. Doing so would be a violation of a person’s rights and would be grounds for an appeal in a criminal case.

Man released for wrongful conviction sues police

In the past, when we have talked about cases of wrongful conviction, we have presented to our readers cases out of other states. Though we know the process that led to the conviction and the eventual outcomes of those convictions are handled by other jurisdictions, we feel it’s important to present these cases because they demonstrate a legal issue that could easily occur here as well.

NBA player Ronnie Brewer will need good defense in DUI case

If you’ve never been arrested or accused of criminal activity then you may not know what to do when it does happen. Much of your knowledge about the criminal justice system is probably based on what you have seen in the movies or on television. This means that you might think it’s relatively easy to plead not guilty to charges. But such a plea needs to come with a solid defense because otherwise you could suffer severe consequences instead.

Man accused of breaking into Bullock's home faces felony charges

As many of our San Diego readers know, entering someone else’s house without their permission can land you in a lot of trouble. And if police believe that it was your intent to steal something then you could face serious criminal charges that you will need to defend yourself against so as not to face the harsh consequences that accompany these charges.

Colleges getting schooled by students about rights violations

Thanks to television shows and movies -- and perhaps even this blog -- most people in the United States are at least partially familiar with the criminal justice system. We all know that we have rights prior to and during a trial. We also know that if at any point those rights are violated we have the right to appeal our case or file a civil complaint against those guilty of the violation.

California counties say no to lengthy detentions of immigrants

When it comes to the view of law enforcement in our state, many people have mixed emotions. Most people hope that law enforcement will be on their side when it comes to serving justice -- and in fact they should because everyone is innocent until proven guilty. But this sentiment is often overshadowed by instances of an overreach of power and/or a clear violation of someone’s rights.

California lawmakers suggest new gun law in wake of shooting

Even if most people may not be able to cite a specific gun law here in California, they know that these laws exist and that there can be legal ramifications if a person breaks them. Some have argued that there are not enough restrictions when it comes to who can purchase or own a firearm. But people who advocate the rights given in the 2nd Amendment may disagree and would argue that further restrictions could violate a person’s rights.

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