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Were domestic violence claims against cop because of divorce?

The release of a seven-year veteran of the San Diego Police Department from police custody may have come with some mixed reactions from the community this month. That’s because this was the second time that the officer had been arrested and accused of domestic violence. While some people in the city of La Mesa may be angry that prosecutors are declining to file criminal charges against the officer, some of our readers might see things differently, especially because of one particular circumstance in the case.

According to reports, the 31-year-old officer filed for divorce recently and is requesting sole custody of the couple’s children. In legal documents, he claims that his wife is suffering from a mental illness and is abusing drugs. It’s because of this that we beg the question: could the accusations of domestic violence be a form of retaliation in the divorce?

One might be inclined to say yes considering the timeline of the accusations. According to media reports, the officer was first arrested for domestic violence in April. But his wife was quick to defend him, stating that his arrest had been blown out of proportion and that they simply had an argument that got out of control. When after his second arrest last month, also for domestic violence, his wife changed her story and asserted that he had physically assaulted her both times.

It’s possible, as speculated by one family law attorney here in California, that the accusations could be part of the contentious divorce. But if this is the case then it’s only creating more complex legal issues that will need to be sorted out before a resolution can be met. And while no charges have been filed in this case, the accusations of domestic violence could impact the couple’s divorce, which may require the man to seek further legal counsel down the road.

Source: ABC 10 News, “DA won't file charges against SDPD officer accused of domestic violence,” May 12, 2014

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