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Do you 'belieb' the most recent charges against Justin?

When it comes to the law, this year hasn’t exactly been the best for pop singer Justin Bieber. Following a drunk-driving charge in January, the 19-year-old found himself facing assault charges as well as potential felony vandalism charges here in California. Now the pop star could potentially face more litigation because of an incident in Los Angeles just days ago.

The Los Angeles Police Department is currently looking into allegations that the pop singer tried to steal a woman’s cellphone during an altercation at a set of batting cages in Los Angeles’ west side. A woman, claiming to have filed a report for attempted robbery with police, says that when she reached for her cellphone during the altercation, Bieber asked that she give the phone to him. The request was so that he could delete any photos she may have taken with it. When she refused, he is accused of reaching into her purse and grabbing it.

Unfortunately for our readers though, much of the information that has been released about this case has come from media outlets such as TMZ. While many of our San Diego readers might take the news reported by such tabloids with a grain of salt, other people across the nation may see this news as fact even though it has not been substantiated yet by police. This could lead to speculations about the singer’s innocence and may even lead some to believe that he is guilty of the crime at hand even if it has not been proven.

Because of his celebrity status, Bieber may receive more attention regarding this case than most other people would in a similar situation. But while this may be the case, media reports about criminal allegations can have a significant impact on cases even for non celebrities. And just as it may be with Bieber’s case, non celebrities also often experience the same negative backlash from the public, even if the accusations turn out to be untrue.

Source: CNN, “Justin Bieber accused of attempted robbery ... of a cell phone,” Ed Payne and Michael Martinez, May 14, 2014

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