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California mom faces child abuse charges after confronting bully

Imagine that you are a parent whose child is constantly bullied at school. Although an old saying tells you that you can’t fight their battles for them, your instinct to protect your child takes over and you decide to take matters into your own hands. You decide to confront the bully yourself.

Unfortunately, this type of action can have serious consequences. Just as it did for a 30-year-old mother in Santa Rosa who could face a felony charge of child abuse after she confronted who she thought was her daughter’s bully. But despite her good intentions, investigators in Sonoma County believe that the woman assaulted the alleged bully, which could lead to criminal charges depending on what investigators learn in the case.

For those of our San Diego readers who may not have heard, the incident occurred when the 30-year-old woman went to her daughter’s school to confront the child accused of bullying. Although no adults witnessed the encounter, several students claim to have seen the mother threaten a 12-year-old boy at the Santa Rosa school. Because of red marks on the boy’s neck, the mother is suspected of grabbing his neck during the incident.

Although the mother was arrested and released on $30,000 bail, the district attorney in Sonoma County has not filed any formal charges at this time. A spokeswoman from the attorney’s office says that they are waiting for the investigation to be completed before moving forward with the case.

A case such as this is particularly complex because the mother thought that she was doing the right thing when she confronted the child who she believed to be her daughter’s bully. With much of the nation already supporting the anti-bullying movement, few could blame her. But if the accusations of physical assault turn out to be true, then the mother could face serious criminal charges. This may mean that she will need help from a skilled criminal defense lawyer later on. Unfortunately, reports do not indicate if she has sought legal representation at this time.

Source: CBS News, “Cops: Mom who attacked bully went after wrong kid,” The Associated Press, May 19, 2014

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