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May 2014 Archives

Litigation continues, California no closer to prison reform

When the courts made rulings in Plata v. Brown and Coleman v. Brown, the orders given from these two cases were supposed to bring relief to those prisoners with serious medical conditions who were not receiving proper treatment in California institutions. But now, more than twelve years later, these cases are still being argued in court, which has affected hundreds -- if not thousands -- of inmates across thirty-three different institutions.

California Sex Offender Management Board recommends changes

It may seem obvious to say this but no two people are the same. We hear this saying refers to everything from why a marriage falls apart to why one sports player performs better than the other. But while this is accepted by nearly everyone when it comes to subjects such as this, it is not always accepted when dealing with criminal activities such sex crimes.

California mom faces child abuse charges after confronting bully

Imagine that you are a parent whose child is constantly bullied at school. Although an old saying tells you that you can’t fight their battles for them, your instinct to protect your child takes over and you decide to take matters into your own hands. You decide to confront the bully yourself.

Do you 'belieb' the most recent charges against Justin?

When it comes to the law, this year hasn’t exactly been the best for pop singer Justin Bieber. Following a drunk-driving charge in January, the 19-year-old found himself facing assault charges as well as potential felony vandalism charges here in California. Now the pop star could potentially face more litigation because of an incident in Los Angeles just days ago.

Were domestic violence claims against cop because of divorce?

The release of a seven-year veteran of the San Diego Police Department from police custody may have come with some mixed reactions from the community this month. That’s because this was the second time that the officer had been arrested and accused of domestic violence. While some people in the city of La Mesa may be angry that prosecutors are declining to file criminal charges against the officer, some of our readers might see things differently, especially because of one particular circumstance in the case.

19 arrested for allegedly selling illegal drugs over the Internet

As more people show an interest in social media in states across the nation, including here in California, so too do law enforcement agencies. Many of our more frequent readers may know this already because we have discussed this fact in past posts. Law enforcement agencies now skim Facebook profiles and Twitter accounts looking for evidence to use in criminal cases.

Court sentences man despite reasonable doubt in rape case

Imagine that you are a jury member that has just heard an alleged confession to a crime. But other than the confession, there is no other evidence that connects the accused person to the crime at hand. Even though there is reasonable doubt in the case, would you still convict them of the crime?

Convicted robber finally wins appeal with 9th Circuit Court

Nearly everyone in the state of California knows how important good defense is in any criminal trial. Many times, being able to present fully both sides of the case is what allows jurors to make the most informed decision about a case. In the end, this can mean the difference between a harsh sentence and leniency.

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