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California man facing charges in series of thefts

Many of us have all heard the advice that we should never run when we see a police officer nearby. That’s because, according to many California officers, it makes a person look guilty in the eyes of law enforcement. But for some people, nerves take over and it can make a person flee an area.

This might have been the case for a 43-year-old California man this month who was arrested by police after fleeing an area in Spring Valley where a car burglary had recently been reported. Deputies from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department likely thought he was involved because he fled the scene. But it’s possible that nerves took over, causing him to look guilty when he might not be.

Potentially complicating the case is the fact that police claim that the man resisted arrest, which may have further convinced officers that they had the right man. It’s likely because of this that police are now trying to link the 43-year-old to other armed robberies in the area, including four car thefts in East County.

As many of our readers may have already realized, the man is facing rather serious criminal charges. The charge of robbery alone can carry with it the possibility of a prison sentence if convicted. The length of the sentence however will depend on whether the man is facing first- or second-degree robbery charges. According to Section 213 of the California Penal Code, a first-degree robbery conviction can carry a three, four or six year sentence. Second-degree robbery is punishable by three, six or nine years of imprisonment.

Because of the charges against him and the serious penalties he could face, the man in this case may want to seek legal representation to ensure that his rights are protected. At this time, it’s unknown if he has done so or not.

Source: NBC 7 San Diego, “Man Steals 4 Cars in East County Crime Spree,” Monica Garske, April 9, 2014

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