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California democrats push for marijuana legalization

When our state voted to legalize medical marijuana many wondered how soon it would take for politicians to also legalize the drug for the general public. Arguments on both sides of the issue have kept any bills from passing because lawmakers want to make sure that they are not crossing the fine line between protecting the public and violating their rights. But it now seems as if the California legislature is ready to make a decision on the issue.

According to an article written in the San Francisco Chronicle, state party delegates moved recently to adopt new drug laws that would not only legalize marijuana for the general public but allow the state to regulate and tax the drug just like it already does with alcohol and tobacco.

So what does this mean for readers of this blog?

Because the drug is considered illegal at both the state and federal level, those in possession of marijuana face serious penalties including fines and incarceration. But if California were to legalize marijuana, some of this would change. Penalties might not be as severe. Arrests for drug charges may even become less likely, which is good news for a number of our readers.

As with other states that have already legalized marijuana, California laws will more than likely outline how much a person is allowed to have in their possession and where they are allowed to buy the drug legally. Failing to adhere to these new policies could still result in drug charges, which is something we hope our readers will keep in mind.

It’s important to point out that even if California legalizes marijuana in the state, there are still federal drug laws that could still cause legal problems. Some people may even wonder whether law enforcement can enforce these federal laws within California if the drug is legalized. It’s questions and concerns like this that we hope politicians will address as they push for legalization. Because, as our readers know, this could lead to complicated legal situations few people will want to see themselves facing.

Source: The Huffington Post, “California Democrats Back Marijuana Legalization In Party Platform,” Mollie Reilly, Mar. 10, 2014

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