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March 2014 Archives

9th Circuit affirms constitutionality of DNA swabs after arrest

Did you know that if you are arrested for a felony here in California, law enforcement can take a sample of your DNA? Did you also know that this sample is then entered into a criminal database where it is stored indefinitely, even if you are not convicted of a crime?

Bonita man faces felony charges after allegedly assaulting wife

Accusations of criminal wrongdoing can make any situation a serious one. But when those charges get escalated to a felony level, they can often be difficult to sort out without the help of legal representation. This is something a 29-year-old man is likely learning this month after his arrest in San Diego County. Because without the help of a skilled lawyer, he could find himself facing charges he may not understand.

Federal investigators indict 11 for allegedly smuggling drugs

For nearly a year, agents with the Drug Enforcement Agency say they have been looking into a potential drug smuggling ring that has allegedly been operating out of the San Diego International Airport. According to investigators, baggage handlers have been abusing their security clearance to sneak bags filled with cocaine and methamphetamine into the airport where it is then exchanged with couriers. It’s because of this that 11 people have been indicted on serious drug charges.

Orange County man facing serious animal abuse charges

An interesting case out of Orange County this month will highlight the importance of having a good defense attorney at your side when facing serious criminal charges. As we have pointed out in past posts, not only can a lawyer make sure that prosecutors stay in check with their charges, but they can also help explain your side of the story. In the end, this may be the most important piece of your criminal defense.

California democrats push for marijuana legalization

When our state voted to legalize medical marijuana many wondered how soon it would take for politicians to also legalize the drug for the general public. Arguments on both sides of the issue have kept any bills from passing because lawmakers want to make sure that they are not crossing the fine line between protecting the public and violating their rights. But it now seems as if the California legislature is ready to make a decision on the issue.

California man faces serious vehicular manslaughter charges

A 57-year-old California man has a difficult couple of weeks ahead of him. Not only is he recovering from serious injuries he sustained in a Land Park collision that occurred last month but he has also been accused of gross vehicular manslaughter in connection with the crash.

Juvenile court sentencing process up for reform in California

A new proposal by a California lawmaker could help child offenders receive the care they need outside of state juvenile detention facilities. The measure would require juvenile court judges to seriously consider children's personal histories of neglect and abuse, which could have contributed to some of their violent tendencies. The legislation would ultimately aim to help children who have committed crimes, instead of simply locking them away in the depths of the juvenile law system.

Drug crime charges for California officers accused of corruption

Three California police officers are facing serious allegations in connection with federal indictments that accuse them of stealing drugs that were seized during criminal investigations. Those three officers are also accused of making off with money, electronics and gift cards that had been seized by their San Francisco department. Authorities say that at least one of the officers reportedly sought the services of two informants, whom he solicited to perform drug sales after he obtained marijuana during a 2009 arrest.

California family accused of identity theft in gas pump scheme

A mother and son have been accused of using illegal devices to retrieve credit card information from gas stations in San Jose. The California relatives, aged 53 and 33, reportedly used "skimming' machines" to steal the information from pumps throughout the Bay Area. They are both facing charges of felony identity theft, according to news reports. The woman's daughter, age 35, has also been charged in the case. Three other people are also accused of involvement in the alleged theft.

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