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California woman facing weapons charges after tribal attack

A 44-year-old California woman is facing serious charges after allegedly killing four people after she was threatened with eviction from tribal land. The woman is accused of shooting the decedents, three of whom where her relatives, along with involvement in a gun and knife attack that wounded two others. The woman is facing a weapons charge after brandishing a weapon. She was arrested on suspicion of committing attempted murder, homicide and child endangerment, as well.

Authorities report that the shootings occurred on Feb. 20, when a committee was reportedly meeting to talk about the woman's potential eviction from the tribal property. The woman's brother, age 50, died after being shot. Her niece and nephew were also fatally wounded, along with a 47-year-old woman. The defendant is accused of stabbing a woman after she ran out of bullets, and she then chased after another victim while brandishing a knife.

It appears that the woman has been under investigation for embezzling federal grant money, which could have prompted the discussion about her eviction. That action is one of the most serious punishments that can be inflicted upon an American Indian tribal member, according to insiders. The impact of that punishment may have been compounded by the fact that it is particularly difficult to find affordable housing in the area. One of the woman's relatives said that the defendant may have been emotionally wounded because her brother had been the tribal member who started eviction proceedings.

Defendants who are facing weapons charges, no matter their severity, may benefit from the help of a California attorney. A professional lawyer may be able to provide assistance for those facing murder and assault charges, among others. Defendants are entitled to certain rights, and a California attorney may be able to protect those rights throughout a courtroom proceeding.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, "Relative: N. Calif. shootings prompted by eviction" Jeff Barnard and Justin Pritchard, Feb. 22, 2014

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