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February 2014 Archives

California woman facing weapons charges after tribal attack

A 44-year-old California woman is facing serious charges after allegedly killing four people after she was threatened with eviction from tribal land. The woman is accused of shooting the decedents, three of whom where her relatives, along with involvement in a gun and knife attack that wounded two others. The woman is facing a weapons charge after brandishing a weapon. She was arrested on suspicion of committing attempted murder, homicide and child endangerment, as well.

Man sentenced to 25 years for California weapons charges

A man from Waterford, California, has received a 25-year prison sentence in connection with an alleged shooting back in February 2011. The man, age 28, reportedly accepted a last-minute plea deal in connection with the allegations of assault and other weapons charges. He was accused of first shooting at a police officer and then firing at a group of officers who attempted to apprehend him days after the initial incident.

Californians convicted of criminal charges could see reforms

The state of California has been granted an extension by federal authorities in connection with mandatory prison reforms. State officials had petitioned federal authorities for additional time, arguing that the only way they could meet strict deadlines would be to send busloads of inmates to other states. The state will now have two more years to complete the reforms, which affect inmates convicted of everything from drunk driving to identity theft and sex crimes. The new deadline has been listed as Feb. 28, 2016.

Woman facing drug sales allegations at unlicensed daycare

A 49-year-old Long Beach woman has been arrested after allegedly stashing drugs at her unlicensed child-care facility. The woman is accused of possessing narcotics with the intent to sell, according to official reports. Investigators allege that a variety of drugs were unearthed at the woman's home when a search warrant was served in January.

Juvenile court sentences teen to conflict resolution, not jail

A California teenager may receive a reprieve from criminal charges in connection with a November fight at a high-school campus. The young woman, a transgender teen, has been ordered by the juvenile court to participate in conflict resolution for her role in the fight. That altercation led to an assault charge.

California men charged with 'revenge porn' Internet crimes

Two men from California are facing allegations of computer crimes in connection with a "revenge porn" site created online. The pair is also implicated in identity theft, according to news reports. Authorities say that the duo, ages 25 and 27, are facing an intimidating 15-count indictment from a federal grand jury, including unauthorized computer access and aggravated identity theft.

California men sentenced for alleged beef truck theft

A California defendant who was charged with attempting to steal $88,000 worth of commercial property in Kansas has been sentenced. The man received a sentence of a year and a day in federal custody, and he will also serve two years' time on the supervised release rolls. The man was accused of conspiracy to commit interstate shipment fraud - a form of theft. His brother, who was also involved in the incident, was convicted of felony counts for lying to authorities. He received a probationary sentence of a single year.

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