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Crime stats show drops in weapons charges, other violations

New crime statistics out of California show that Los Angeles has become even safer, continuing an 11-year drop in violations throughout even the toughest regions of the San Fernando Valley. Official reports show that crimes such as assault with a deadly weapon are on the decline, with homicides in the city reaching their lowest point since the mid-1960s. In fact, declines of nearly 50 percent have been reported in some areas in just the past year.

Officers throughout the area say that patrols and outreach initiatives designed to prevent murder, assault and weapons charges throughout the state may have led to the marked drop in violent crime throughout the region. Further, police are using improved data-tracking systems to target crime-riddled areas, allowing them to suppress gang-related violations and other serious crimes. Gang members who had been accused of committing a crime are now offered additional services when they are paroled; they now have access to job training, employment placement and even tattoo removal, which can help them integrate into everyday society with ease.

Authorities say that new data-analysis capabilities allow them to evaluate crime data from not only the past 24 hours, but also the past week, so that officers can quickly deploy resources that are desperately needed in specific communities. The data are so sensitive that they can provide block-by-block analysis that allows officers to target their efforts for maximum effectiveness. The addition of social media connectivity through Facebook and Twitter also appears to be improving community relationships and lowering crime rates. These strategies are slated for deployment in other local communities in the coming year.

The best solution to ongoing crime problems is simple prevention. When fewer individuals commit crimes, fewer are arrested and end up facing criminal charges. This approach works to improve community relationships so that locals are less likely to commit crimes in the first place. Some are certain to be accused of misconduct. Still, those individuals can benefit from the assistance of a qualified criminal defense attorney. All criminal defendants deserve to have their rights protected in court.

Source: Los Angeles Daily News, "LAPD statistics show steep drop in San Fernando Valley crime" Kelly Goff, Dec. 31, 2013

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