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Man bitten by dog while being arrested for theft

Copper theft is nothing new to industry professionals throughout California. Since the Great Recession hit, a growing amount of copper is stolen for valuable scrap, often by those who are hard up for cash. Now, though, one man is being held in custody after he allegedly attempted to steal copper from the Cupertino location of the new Apple campus. The man, age 56, is facing more than one theft charge in the matter, though he has been released after posting a modest bond.

Authorities report that the man was located at the corporate campus on Nov. 30 at about 9:30 p.m. when security guards noticed that a robbery might have been in progress. The guards said they saw an open gate into the former Hewlett-Packard office site, even though all workers were supposed to have left the property. As a result, police helicopters were flown in, and a police dog unit joined the search.

When officers confronted the man with a police dog, the defendant refused to come out of the bushes where he was hiding. Officers released the dog and the man was bitten shortly before being arrested. The man had to be transported to a local hospital for treatment because of the dog bite, according to news reports.

Police officers said they found copper tubing and wiring in the man's possession. The materials had been ripped out of the walls of nearby abandoned buildings and stacked for transport, according to reports from the scene. It is not clear whether the man was working alone.

In this case, the defendant was brutalized by a police animal - all because of a little bit of copper wire. News reports do not indicate that the man was thought to be armed, so it is not clear why the use of a police dog was necessary. Defendants in such cases may consider learning more about their civil rights from criminal defense attorneys, as the use of a police dog is not appropriate in every situation.

Source:, "Man caught stealing copper from Apple building" Dave Colby, Dec. 03, 2013

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