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CHP dispatcher, husband facing weapons charges, other allegations

She dispatched officers to the scenes of crimes, even as she is accused of committing her own violations.

News reports show that a 35-year-old California woman who served as a dispatcher for the highway patrol is facing criminal weapons charges after officers raided her home in Vacaville. Also implicated in the matter is the woman's 42-year-old husband, a confirmed member of the Vallejo chapter of the motorcycle gang Hells Angels. The pair will be arraigned on drug, bribery and gun charges, according to officers.So far, only a sawed-off shotgun was located at the couple's home, though another gun was also identified at a Hells Angels meeting house in nearby Vallejo.

News reports show that the woman is facing methamphetamine possession charges, along with allegations for bribery within the law enforcement community. The woman's husband is also facing charges for being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. He is further accused of selling weapons and weapons possession during the commission of a controlled-substance offense, among other charges.

Authorities say that they first began to investigate the couple after the man allegedly sold a high-powered rifle to an undercover agent. Investigators hypothesize that the woman, who has worked for the California Highway Patrol for nearly 15 years, used her influence within the law enforcement community to provide additional information for her husband's drug and weapons dealing activities.

Criminal defendants who are facing weapons charges in addition to other allegations of committing a crime may benefit from he assistance of a qualified defense attorney. These professionals can help former convicts learn more about the implications of current charges, especially in light of a significant criminal history. An arrest and arraignment on charges does not mean that the defendant is automatically guilty. A qualified criminal defense attorney can help protect their clients' rights, ensuring that they receive a fair and unbiased legal proceeding that will present truthful evidence.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "CHP dispatcher, Hells Angels husband face drug, weapons charges" Jason Wells, Dec. 19, 2013

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