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California psychic, husband accused of grant theft

A psychic from Southern California is facing criminal theft charges after allegedly separating a man from nearly $1 million of his money during a two-year-long business scam. Authorities report that the pair, ages 28 and 32, have been accused of grand theft, extortion and attempted grand theft in the matter, which concluded when they were arrested during a sting. The victim in the case was reportedly vulnerable to the alleged scam because he was experiencing a string of romantic, career and health concerns.

Prosecutors say that the case is unusual because police officers generally characterize such allegations as civil matters instead of criminal concerns. The crime is, in a way, considered consensual, but prosecutors say it resembles fraud more than it does a simple breach of contract.

Courtroom documents show that the woman, a supposed psychic, said that she would need time - and funds - to break a love curse that had been placed on him, preventing him from meeting the love of his life. The woman and her husband are accused of isolating their supposed victim from others in his family and social circles. They accompanied the man to dinner on his birthday, and the trio often spent holidays together.

The criminal charges are rooted in the fact that the woman began texting the man romantic messages from someone who was interested in him. She claimed that the man's love interest could not talk to him directly because of the curse, so she needed to serve as an intermediary. After spending $926,750 for the psychic services, the victim became suspicious and chose to reach out to a local police office.

Criminal fraud defendants may seem to be nefarious individuals, but they are not considered guilty simply because they were arrested on criminal charges. These defendants deserve the benefit of a fair, unbiased criminal trial that is focused on protecting their rights while also serving justice. A criminal defense attorney can help these defendants learn more about their legal options, from indictment through sentencing and beyond.

Source: San Jose Mercury News, "Southern California psychic faces fraud charges in San Jose court" Kelly Goff, Dec. 14, 2013

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