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December 2013 Archives

California students arrested in drug possession raid

Nearly two dozen California students have been arrested after a drug raid in Riverside County. Authorities report that the high-school students were found with a variety of illegal drugs and substances, including crack cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine. In all, 23 juveniles and two adults were arrested between Perris High School and Paloma Valley High School. The two adult students were an 18-year-old woman and a 19-year-old man, both of which were arrested at Perris High School. It is not clear whether the students were charged with simple drug possession or the more serious drug distribution.

California theft incidence rises thanks to prisoner release

A new report shows that increased efforts to change the state of California's overpopulated prisons may actually be leading to an increase in property crime. Official reports show that lawmakers and law-enforcement advocates may have been right in their assertions that petty theft, burglary and shoplifting would increase in frequency after offenders were released from custody. Changes to the California code occurred in October 2011, after a lawsuit and subsequent orders gave counties more responsibility for lower-level offenders.

California psychic, husband accused of grant theft

A psychic from Southern California is facing criminal theft charges after allegedly separating a man from nearly $1 million of his money during a two-year-long business scam. Authorities report that the pair, ages 28 and 32, have been accused of grand theft, extortion and attempted grand theft in the matter, which concluded when they were arrested during a sting. The victim in the case was reportedly vulnerable to the alleged scam because he was experiencing a string of romantic, career and health concerns.

Teen facing theft charges after Walker crash

It was a piece of celebrity memorabilia that was taken a little too soon. California officers say they have arrested a young man in connection with the theft of materials from the vehicle in which Paul Walker died just weeks ago. The 18-year-old is facing a theft charge in connection with allegations that he stole wreckage from the Porsche in which the "Fast & Furious" star was riding when he perished in a fiery accident. Authorities say they think the theft occurred as the vehicle was being towed away from the scene of the accident.

Experts: Juvenile crimes caused by reaction to toxic stress

Kids who are involved in criminal activity may not be fully to blame for their behavior. In fact, many California youngsters who commit juvenile crimes are so traumatized by their environments that they often see no other course of action. Now, some California municipalities are attempting to address this so-called "toxic stress," which can result from those who are exposed to daily abuse, trauma and neglect.

Man bitten by dog while being arrested for theft

Copper theft is nothing new to industry professionals throughout California. Since the Great Recession hit, a growing amount of copper is stolen for valuable scrap, often by those who are hard up for cash. Now, though, one man is being held in custody after he allegedly attempted to steal copper from the Cupertino location of the new Apple campus. The man, age 56, is facing more than one theft charge in the matter, though he has been released after posting a modest bond.

Police officers under fire for death of mentally ill man

The father of a schizophrenic man who was brutalized and ultimately killed by police two years ago is pushing for justice for his son nearly two years after his alleged California murder. Police officers in the case have been forced to mount a criminal defense against the allegations; two of the men are accused of manslaughter in connection with the 37-year-old victim's death. The man, known as "Crazy Kelly" throughout his California town, was known for his erratic behavior and violent tendencies, which included vandalism.

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