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Singer Ceelo Green cleared on sexual assault charge

Even though famed singer Ceelo Green has been cleared of sexual assault charges in connection with allegations that he tampered with a woman's drink, he is still facing drug charges in connection with the incident. Green is now facing charges of felony furnishing the club drug Ecstasy, according to official sources in California.

The singer was cleared of the sexual assault charges after prosecutors dismissed much of the alleged victim's testimony. She claimed that Green dropped the Ecstasy in her drink, and she unexpectedly woke up naked in his bed the next morning. One of the shortcomings in the woman's testimony: She had been dating Green for months and they had already become intimate before. Green denied the allegations of sexual assault.

In addition, the woman claimed to have audio recording of the singer explaining what happened during the incident. Even though Green never admitted to drugging the woman's drink, he did discuss possessing the drug, which was considered a confession by the Los Angeles County District Attorney. The criminal complaint against the man will not include allegations that the woman was the victim of criminal intent in connection with the drug administration.

News reports have not indicated how long the man could spend in jail in connection with the felony allegations. Felonies are significantly more severe than misdemeanors, which are generally reserved for less egregious drug charges. In this case, though, the singer's defense attorney was able to provide him with the legal services required to exonerate him from at least one of the criminal charges in the matter.

Defendants in cases with multiple charges can benefit from the assistance of qualified criminal defense attorneys. These professionals can help defendants learn more about their rights and responsibilities, maximizing the outcome of a criminal defense case.

Source:, "Ceelo Green cleared of sexual assault" No author given, Oct. 21, 2013

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