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October 2013 Archives

Woman to be released for killing as a juvenile

A California woman who was convicted of a serious crime in juvenile court when she was 16 will be released on orders from the governor. The woman, age 35, was first sent to prison when she was 16 years old. Her crime: killing the man who had prepared her to be a prostitute since she was age 11. The case has become a model for the changing approach to juvenile sentencing that is becoming more common throughout the state. Legislators and advocates alike now agree that juvenile offenders deserve a chance at rehabilitation rather than automatically receiving harsh sentences.

Defendants accused of stealing by posing as truckers

It just takes 18 wheels and a little bit of effort to make off with a big payday. That is what authorities nationwide are reporting. From the loading docks at farms to the back bays of electronics companies, an increasing amount of cargo is going missing. In this type of commercial identity theft, a growing number of businesses are reporting that a simple, yet effective scheme is resulting in major losses: Drivers simply unload cargo into their private tractor-trailer rigs, making off with major hauls.

Singer Ceelo Green cleared on sexual assault charge

Even though famed singer Ceelo Green has been cleared of sexual assault charges in connection with allegations that he tampered with a woman's drink, he is still facing drug charges in connection with the incident. Green is now facing charges of felony furnishing the club drug Ecstasy, according to official sources in California.

California job seekers with records get a break

As a growing number of people in the California workforce are followed by their past records of criminal defense, more businesses are eliminating questions that would screen for criminal backgrounds among applicants. Even the state government is getting involved with the trend, with a recent bill requiring state agencies to find out first whether an applicant is qualified before inquiring about his or her criminal record. Background checks will still be permitted before hiring, but criminal records do not hold the same weight or severity as they had in the past.

Theft standard loosened in California

Appeals court justices in California have just loosened the legal standard for theft by categorizing some types of petty theft as "temporary taking." The decision, which came after a defendant took a man's cell phone but later returned it. Appellate judges decided that the incident constituted a type of technological joyriding rather than violent theft, even though the defendant seems to have accosted the victim of the property crime. This reclassification can be considered a win for criminal defendants throughout the state, who may be able to receive reduced charges and sentences for their petty property crimes.

Hockey coach facing child porn charges

A 54-year-old youth coach from Chula Vista is being forced to mount a criminal defense against allegations that he shared child pornography through the Internet. The man, who has been active in the community hockey league, is facing two formal charges of possessing and distributing materials that show a minor in sexual conduct. The man faces a five-year prison term in connection with the allegations, to which he has pleaded not guilty.

FBI nabs Silk Road creator

Newly released information about the arrest of the proprietor and developer of notorious Web site Silk Road shows that FBI agents may have apprehended the man after he posted his e-mail address. The man, age 29, is facing a variety of drug charges in connection with the alleged online activity. Not only is he charged with narcotics trafficking, but he is also facing other accusations such as money laundering and computer hacking, according to reputable news sources.

$1M in pot found in rental property, 8 arrested

California authorities have seized some 80 pounds of marijuana after raiding a home in the Central Valley. The occupants of the residence are facing charges for drug crimes in connection with the incident, which officers say yielded an estimated $1 million in processed pot alone.

Tax offenders facing fraud charges

A large group of current and former California residents are facing criminal charges for alleged tax fraud after they allegedly participated in identity theft to recover bogus tax returns. A total of 55 people have been accused of being involved in the organized tax fraud, which was outlined in four large indictments from a federal grand jury in the case.

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