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San Diego teacher charged with weapons crime

A middle school teacher from San Diego reportedly pled guilty to carrying a gun and seven rounds of ammunition onto school property.  What is described as a semi-automatic gun was said to be registered to the teacher and kept in his classroom.

The teacher has been sentenced to three years of probation.  As the teacher did plead guilty to charges concerning the gun, the San Diego judge dismissed a second possible felony for allegedly possessing a lock-blade knife.

The teacher has taught English at the school district since 2006.  However, it now appears that he may lose his teaching position presumably because of this incident.  The school teacher's attorney asserted that the teacher only had the gun in his possession with the protection of his students in mind.

Attorneys experienced in defending individuals charged with weapons crimes will do what is necessary to make certain the circumstances of an arrest are known.  And as in the above incident, even if an individual is found guilty of a crime extenuating circumstances or a plea deal may help in reducing the punishment a person will face.

There are many reasons why individuals carry weapons - some good and some not so good reasons.  Because of this, we cannot treat everyone charged in the identical manner.  With the laws all in a jumble concerning weapons crimes, we need to look at the individual circumstances of each incident when someone is facing weapons charges.  Individuals in certain circumstances may be charged for crimes that they did not even know existed, or individuals may have valid reasons for why a weapon was carried at all.


Source: Los Angeles Times, "San Diego teacher given probation for bringing gun to school," Tony Perry, Aug. 12, 2013

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